DP Ruto in Jitters Over a Touted Uhuru, Raila, Moi Pact ahead of 2022

Deputy President William Ruto is a troubled man. The self proclaimed hustler is uneasy as scions of Kenyan politics continue to hold meeting fueling speculations of a pact.

While he feigned a diplomatic approach to the truce between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM Supremo Raila Odinga and congratulated the two, Ruto has not hidden his disdain at the recent developments especially Raila’s visit to Kabarak.

He and his political hand boys have poked holes claiming the handshake is being misused to create positions for leaders.

“It’s the Kenyan people who have the mandate to elect leaders of their choice. There’s no way a few individuals in Parliament can have the responsibility of electing people to powerful positions,” Ruto said with Kipchumba Murkomen opining that,

“Some people want to take advantage of the handshake to call for a referendum and politics will be the order of the day until 2022. This will deny us the opportunity to implement the Big Four agenda.”

It is an open secret that a deal between the political dynasties of Moi, Kenyatta and Odinga will create a Tsunami the billionaire hustler would not be able to weather.


Succession in Kenya ever since the time of independence has seen a script marred with back-stabbing, attempts of coupes and glaring betrayals.

The son of Sugoi is no longer basking in the glory of being the unchallenged heir to the house on the hills as politics ahead of 2022 begin to take shape. Considering he was not allowed to have his way in the Cabinet potions and was kept in the dark on the handshake deal, could this mean that the political makers want nothing to do with the man whose appetite for land and tax payers’ sweat precedes him?

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi who is touted as possible inheritor of his father’s political mettle and who has a tart relationship with Ruto got a major boost after Rail’s visit to Kabarak; his political star has never been more aligned.

Ainabkoi MP William Chepkut said, “Ruto is the highest-ranking leader in Rift Valley and there is no competition in this region. No soul can tell us otherwise.”

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi said, “The Kalenjin community will not allow Gideon Moi to block William Ruto’s chance of becoming Kenya’s fifth President.”

But Gideon is not his only worry in the Rift as more dissenting voices continue to arise.

Emurua Dikkir MP Johana Ng’eno asked Ruto to consolidate his Rift bloc and end divisions before reaching out to other regions. He told Ruto to his face to bring back rebel politicians and reduce the number of enemies before 2022.

Ngeno told Ruto to bring back rebel politicians from his community and reduce his enemies ahead of tough 2022 battle. When the time comes, the community will consult and might ask Gideon Moi to step aside for Ruto, he said.

Sources intimate that the Opposition Chief might be contemplating his political boots and if this be the case then he will definitely be a King maker and that is why his recent camaraderie with Uhuru and Moi is sending panic and excitement in different quarters.


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    Written by Aoko




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