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Attacks on Sen. Sifuna Over Bill Points to his potential Threat to Rutos Re-election in 2027

by Paul Nyongesa
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By; Al Musasia

There’s no doubt that Gen Z have raised issues of accountability and transparency in kenya that would have otherwise never been seen in the foreseeable future.

Their trend and approach have set Africa on a new political trajectory. Ones voting pattern has been a preserve of American Politics.

Those aspiring for a higher office are subjected to scrutiny and held to account for their previous voting record on critical matters. They have to explain their way. In kenya, this time is here, much faster than we anticipated, courtesy of Gen Z.


In the political arena, it’s not uncommon for prominent figures to face increased scrutiny and attacks, especially if they are perceived as significant contenders in upcoming elections.

Senator Edwin Sifuna, being one of the favorites among Gen Z ,including Senator Okiya Omtata, Babu Owino among others, and a potential threat to President Ruto’s re-election bid in 2027, might be subjected to such attacks as a strategy to undermine his influence and popularity.

Senator Sifuna has gained significant support and visibility, particularly among younger voters and those in urban areas. His charisma and ability to articulate issues of national importance especially failures and missteps of the Rutos administration is seen as  a threat to Ruto’s voter base.

As a prominent member and Secretary General of the opposition party ODM, Sifuna’s activities and criticisms of the current administration has resonated with voters dissatisfied with Ruto’s presidency, positioning him as a viable alternative. His media coverage, especially debates on national television, have elevated public profile, making him a more formidable political figure.

The senator responds to the outrage regarding his voting “Yes” by saying,

Ndio kutoka misa naona mnanitafuta. Outrage is good lakini can we agree that it needs to be informed outrage. The EACC is over sensationalizing the Senate Amendments to cover their own failures. The law in Kenya still gives the commission power to prosecute anyone for conflict. I’ll find time to explain the amendments we voted for. One by one”.

Attacks directed on the senators voting pattern in the senate may be a tactic to undermine Sifuna’s credibility and create a moral equivalency with other Kenya Kwanza leaders who voted “Yes” on the finance bill and reduce his political momentum. However, consistent targeting might backfire, enhancing his image as a strong and resilient leader.

Senator Sifuna’s challenge to Rutos 2027 reelection will depend on various factors, including his ability to maintain and grow his support base, decision of his party ODM and the Azimio Coalition partners and the effectiveness of his legislative initiatives, and the overall political climate in Kenya leading up to the election.

When compared to other would-be contenders, Sifuna comes across as someone who has significant experience within the political landscape, serving as the Secretary General of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), one of Kenya’s major political parties.

His role in ODM positions him as a key figure in shaping party policies and strategies, providing him with substantial influence and leadership experience.

While other potential candidates are renowned for their activism and legal battles, primarily known for their  efforts to challenge government decisions and policies through the judiciary. Their experience is more focused on activism and legal challenges rather than traditional political leadership.

As a high-ranking member of ODM, Hon.Sifuna has access to a vast political network and resources that can bolster his influence and effectiveness.

These are networks needed to effectively lead a nation. His leadership in the senate as a minority leader has sharpened his ability to interact with divergent opinion leaders, therefore understanding the need to be tolerant to divergent opinion in order to find a common ground for the sake of the country.

Hon.Sifuna combination of political experience, legislative experience, public engagement, and access to a major political network may position him as a more influential and effective political leader

Some of the other candidates mentioned operate more independently, relying on their reputation and legal expertise rather than a broad political network.

While their independence is a strength, it may limit their access to the political machinery and support available to someone like Sifuna. Because you will need this political machinery to effectively create the desired change for the nation

Their  approach may not resonate as broadly with the general public compared to Sifuna’s more populist style.

For instance, Omtatah’s impact is more evident in the legal domain, where he has successfully challenged unconstitutional actions and government overreach.

While his legal victories are significant, they may not translate directly into legislative achievements or political leadership roles.

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