Raila Says He Was Ready To Sell Mandazis In Slams Because Of Ruto

ODM leader Raila Odinga, on Wednesday, revealed that he was ready to go back to the streets to sell mandazis for survival after Deputy President William Ruto and his allies accused him of betraying the Kalenjin community.

Speaking to various Kalenjin radio stations, Raila noted that his political opponents from Rift Valley accused him of betraying the Kalenjin people when he pushed for the restoration of the Mau forests and eviction of settlers in the gazetted area.

Raila said the decision to evict the settlers in the water catchment area was made by the state and it was only his job as the Prime Minister at the time, to ensure the decision is implemented. According to him, he only implemented a decision that was approved by the Cabinet and Parliament.

“It was decided that the catchments be protected so that we reduce desertification. They had been invaded by squatters who were cutting trees destroying the natural habitat,” Raila said.

“When it was being implemented the fights began. That is why I insisted and said would ‘go sell mandazi in Kibra’,” he added as reported by The Star.

The former Prime Minister said that he has no regrets about his decision to kick out squatters from the forest. He noted that the decision was meant to benefit both the people living in the area and the country at large.

“I have no regret on the Mau issue. I did not target anyone. It was for the benefit of all Kenyans. It was a decision of the government. My competitors went on a campaign to discredit the good cause saying Raila is punishing us yet we voted him,” the ODM leader said.

Raila said he was happy that Kenyans can now see the importance of conserving the area even though his stand negatively impacted his votes from Rift Valley.

“The rains have improved. Animals that were suffering are now getting sufficient supplies,” the ODM leader said.

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    Written by George Okello

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