Wedding Ceremony Cancelled After Groom Show Up In Dreadlocks

A wedding ceremony was momentarily halted after the groom appeared at the marriage registry in dreadlocks.

According to a witness, the registrar declined to officiate the wedding ceremony unless the groom does somethings about his hair.

The registrar reportedly asked the groom – who wears dreadlocks – to cover his hair claiming that he does not sit well with him.

Ubi Franklin, the couple’s witness at the ceremony, claimed that he had to buy for the groom a traditional cap to cover up his dreadlocks for the wedding to continue.

“Naija na cruise my friend asked that I stand him for him as a witness at the Ikoyi registry when he got into the hall, the registrar said he won’t wed because of his air… We drove out and got him a hat,” Franklin wrote on his Instagram page.

Franklin also said shared a video of the said groom stuffing his dreadlocks into the cap so that he could be allowed to marry the love of his life.

The incident happened on Wednesday, September 29 ay Ikoyi area in Nigeria.

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    Written by George Okello

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