Uhuru, Raila settling on Anne Kananu Mwendwa to replace Sonko?

On 20th February, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEBC) cleared Anne Kananu Mwendwa for designation as Nairobi Deputy Governor. Although the move was seen as the ousted Governor’s attempt to continue encapsulating the Nairobi County Assembly. Former Chief Officer at the County Government Anne Kananu may just be the individual favored by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga to replace Sonko.

This drastic move, according to sources, is informed by the current filthy political environment as well as the huge amount of money that will be used by the Treasury to conduct the by-election slated for February. However, 2022 dynamics could as well be the honest-to-goodness reason, President Uhuru and Raila Odinga are not taking William Ruto’s invitation to war.

”Anne Kananu Mwenda will be the NEXT Governor of Nairobi.After being nominated on 6th January, 2020 by Governor Sonko, Ann Kananu was cleared by IEBC and handed her clearance certificate.The Court however stopped her vetting and she moved to court.Due to the developments in Nairobi, her path to be Governor is about to be cleared. Anne, was a Chief Officer at the County Government before her appointment,” Dennis Itumbi wrote on his social media handles.

After meeting ousted Governor Mike Sonko on Tuesday evening, DP William Ruto resolved to have the shrewd politician in his camp. The Hustler Nation see Sonko as a very valuable player for 2022 given his massive following, not only in Nairobi’s East lands but also among a specific constituency of young people across the republic. His alias audibly indicates he has perfected the art of giving political alms.

Peter Kenneth and Dennis Waweru have been the two protuberant names floated by those affiliated to President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, as their candidate if a by-election is to be held. To pit any of the two against a contender backed by Deputy President William Ruto and Mike Sonko would give William Ruto the much needed political retinue in Nairobi has been laboring for, hard, since 2013.

Mike Sonko’s popularity in Nairobi in 2013 won Uhuru Kenyatta close to 1million votes in a single. Raila Odinga’s 2013 votes in Nairobi were  808,705 less thanks to Sonko. The think tank around President Uhuru and Raila Odinga must be alive to this fact, and are fighting shy of a similar situation cum 2022, where an unpopular William Ruto will be handed Nairobi votes by Sonko, or anyone else.

If a by-election is held in February, the vacillations will be different from any other by-lection. Nairobi is the country’s seat of power. It will also come at a time millions of Nairobians will be grappling, with the economy, thousands have lost their jobs.

Ousted Sonko has the strongest standing to sell the hustler recital and defiance to ‘the system’ in Nairobi. William Ruto would milk this opportunity dry to hawk his 2022 agenda to Nairobians and Sonko’s followers at their most vulnerable time. Uhuru and Raila know this as much, and they are not about to hand Ruto a sword, to cut their heads off in Nairobi.

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    Written by Albert

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