Tension As Police Nab Rogue, Unmarked Agent Documenting Voters’ Pictures In Kibra

Tension is rife at Old Kibra Primary School polling station in Kibra Constituency, after a suspicious agent taking pictures of voters was flagged by residents.

It’s reported that the rogue agent posing as an unidentified journalist, stormed the polling station and took a strategic position inside the polling center to capture each voter using a mobile phone.

The middle aged man attracted unadulterated wrath from voters who accused him of breaching their privacy for unknown intentions. Angry residents pounced on him hot demanding reasons for the pictures before he was whisked away by police.

The suspect is reportedly not a resident at Kibra constituency and was allegedly lacking official identification that would justify his presence at the polling center. Police officers confiscated his phone which they say will be used as evidence.

The incident was registered a few minutes after another middle aged man was caught in the process of bribing voters in Lindi, Kibra. The man was allegedly moving from queue to queue dishing handouts to hungry voters, in a last minute voter swaying stint.

The Kibra parliamentary race has been molded to be one of the most hotly contested by election as political umbrellas declared it a litmus test for the 2022 General election.

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    Written by Belindar Momanyi

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