Nancy Macharia accused of only employing those from Mt Kenya at the helm of TSC leadership


Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has been put on the spot for alleged irregularities and indiscriminate recruitment of senior managers, their deputies and commissioner.

This comes after Pauline Mumbua filed a petition to the Commission on Administrative Justice (CAJ) demanding TSC to be investigated over the appointments of senior personnel at the commission.

In her petition, Mumbua claimed that the appointment of senior managers and the commissioners at TSC only favours one region and does not reflect the face of Kenya, contrary to the constitution and the National Cohesion and Integration Act of 2008.

“It is against the law for a person to discriminate against another in the arrangements against another in the arrangements he makes to determine who should be offered that employment,” the law states.

“Whereas the commission and senior managers are supposed to reflect the face of Kenya, the current composition at TSC gives a different picture,” Mumbua said in her petition.

“When you take a close look at the composition of senior managers and commissioners at the TSC, it is evident that Mount Kenya region is favoured as it has the lion’s share,” she added.

She goes ahead to claim 11 senior managers at TSC, five are from Mount Kenya, two are from Rift Valley and Nyanza with the rest shared across other regions.

Mumbua claimed that the scheme to hire from the same region is a move to protect the current CEO nancy Macharia and include relatives of senior government officials.

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    Written by George Okello

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