Education CS Magoha Swings to Action, Closes the Dagoretti School of Death Indefinitely

Education CS George Magoha has shut down Precious Talent School in Dagoretti South following Monday morning tragedy, where a classroom collapsed killing seven students and injuring 67 others. Magoha says the school will remain closed until the government gives it a clean bill of health, to resume operations.

“The school will be closed until Monday during which the building will have been inspected. We will then give an informed decision after that. You notice that somebody built another storey building on top of another one.. I must defend my quality assurance officers.. something like this can slip your sight.. I will take responsibility but I will continue to make sure that all things are done in the right manner,” he said.

“We have consulted and agreed that all the children should rest until next Monday during which time investigations will have been done, buildings reinspected again thoroughly by professionals, then we will give an informed advice that may go in the direction of perhaps children coming back to classes that are safe or going to public primary schools the furthest of which is only 2 kilometres away,” added Magoha.

Magoha said the government is going to assure safety of all children irrespective of where they come from.The Secretary of the National Building Inspectorate termed the construction of the wall as a deathtrap.

He added he was not placing blames on any one and that the incident should not be used to instill fear into the pupils.

“I have not come here to blame anybody. This single tragic incident must not be used to instill fear in our children.”

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