Dennis Itumbi’s Attempts to Revive 1982 Coup Debate Backfires On Him, Kenyans Hang Him High and Dry

DP William Ruto’s online men led by Dennis Itumbi seem to have run out of content and propaganda against Raila Odinga and now they have embarked on the tired narrative of 1982 coup. However, a post linking Odinga to the failed coup has boomeranged on him, with Kenyans openly telling him the 1982 coup propaganda is an old , tired narrative which will no longer sell towards 2022.

Here are some of the responses from the public telling off Itumbi:

 ”I havent seen something new here,we are good history students and we read all these stuff sometime back,what else do you want to tell us?,my friend remember u have a child to support,” – Bill Onyango

Dennis Itumbi Now go back to your history form three book and learn why we had coups in Africa. One of the major reasons was bad governance.
Yes Kenya needed that coup to liberate ourselves from dictatorship,”- Koech Omondi.

 ”I’m usually very amused when people work tirelessly to pick up something against Tinga ?.. they have to go dig dig…diiig ??…pick up something..just something.. almost something ??…for a politician who has been active in a polluted society like Kenya to actually miss a dot in his life is really a huge face of integrity..some people came to the scene the other day and if you want to write something about them it just stink,’- Caroli-Lwanga Kiprop Arap Kemboi

 ”Atleat he was trying to overthrow that president who was oppressing people….. Can’t you see that person is powerful, since 1982 when I had not even joined nursery school and till then the man is still politically relevant? and.. do you think you can lecture such a man??”- Jayne Ge

Why are you sharing this now ?? How many years has it been since 1982 ?? What is your intention ??
Kenyans should entertain this kind of mind games. You can do better than that ,”- Wataga Eliud 

The history of this country will judge you harshly .a mouthpiece for hire .resign from your position and write your system of facts as an ordinary Kenyan,”- Rufus Igogo 

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    Written by Albert

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