IEBC Chairman Chebukati Reaches Out to DP Ruto As Pressure Mounts On Him to Resign

At the center of the cannibal that is IEBC is the Country’s Deputy President William Ruto who is said to be behind the resignation of the three commissioners earlier in the week.

The DP who is said to be having strong ties with suspended CEO Ezra Chiloba, resigned vice chair Connie Maina and the two other commissioners who resigned ordered the withdrawal of the commission’s chairman Wafula Chebukati’s security alongside those of Abdi Guliye and Boya Molu.

Chebukati had at least eight armed bodyguards and two chase cars complete with a siren.  His homes in Nairobi and Kitale were also guarded round the clock by armed police.

Other commissioners also had a bodyguard and a driver and their Nairobi and rural homes were guarded by police.

According to reports in the Star, embattled Chebukati and the two remaining commissioners have allegedly reached out to DP William Ruto to help loosen the noose on their necks.

This is after pressure piled on them from every quarter with demands of their resignation flooding from every quarter.

Yesterday Chebukati failed to appear before the National Assembly Justice and Legal Affairs Committee, saying he, the two commissioners and other officials were overseeing by-elections in Ruguru and Kinondo wards.

The committee had summoned him last week to explain the crisis that has seen chief executive Ezra Chiloba sent on compulsory leave and three commissioners resign in 10 days.

Chebukati wrote to Clerk Michael Sialai requesting postponement of the meeting to next week. Committee chairman William Cheptumo said they had started drafting amendments to the IEBC Act to fill the vacancies created by the resignation of the three commissioners.

Cheptumo said, however, the committee would not push for the resignation of Chebukati and remaining commissioners Guliye and Molu.

“It is not the business of this committee to prevail upon the remaining commissioners to resign. I believe those who resigned did so in their own motion. The issue here is replacement of the remaining three vacant positions,” he said.

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