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Police Station Drama as Mchele Thugs Drug Themselves After a Scary Bus Robbery in Kabete

by Paul Nyongesa
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Police officers based at Kabete police station had a difficult time yesterday morning arresting four suspects, who had stupefied passengers in a bus with an unknown substance, before stupefying themselves in a bid to evade arrest.

The bus traveling to the capital city from Kisumu had been driven into the station, after its driver noticed from the rear view mirror that everyone was fast asleep snoring, save for two people who were moving from seat to seat.

But it is the snores reverberating from all corners of the bus that were unusually loud, punctuated by threatening growls that alarmed the driver, who immediately detoured to the police station situated along the busy Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

Attempts by the two thugs to jump from the fast moving bus turned futile, after the beast stormed the police station at a high speed prompting police officers on sentry duties to dash down for cover and take positions, incase of any eventuality.

As the bus screeched to a halt, the driver Emmanuel Barasa, leapt from his door and dashed towards the report office shouting that the bus was under attack. The officers responded swiftly by throwing a cordon around the bus and ordering everyone out.

What shocked the officers is that more than half the occupants were sleepy and drowsy, reeling from the effects of a stupefying substance that had been administered to them.

Additionally, most of them had lost their valuables including Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones and cash money among other valuables. The officers managed to single out four suspects in whose possession the valuables were recovered. The suspects were identified as Stephen Odero, Benson Odero, Joshua Orengo and Harrison Nyamu.

However, as the officers were booking them, the suspects suddenly become drowsy, incoherent and very drunk, forcing the law enforcers to first rush them to a nearby hospital for medical examination.

It is at the hospital that it was discovered that the suspects who were sweating profusely, had taken a dose of their own medicine after ingesting the remaining ‘pishori’, in a bid to destroy the exhibit.

Back at the station, the bus was allowed to continue with the rest of the journey, but with a word of caution to the passengers who were advised to seek medication on arrival.

Meanwhile, the four suspects are currently in custody and will be arraigned tomorrow.

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