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Miguna Miguna Gets a Taste of Akothee’s Wrath Over Net Worth Remarks About Her Husband Omosh

by Paul Nyongesa
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Kenyan musician Akothee has responded to Miguna Miguna’s concerns about her newly-wed husband, Denis Schweizer, also known as Omosh.

This came after a Twitter user expressed curiosity about Omosh’s background, to which Miguna added that Akothee should have created a prenuptial agreement to protect her wealth.

“I’ve been looking all over for information about Akothee’s husband Denis Schweizer. There’s nothing to be found. No education, no family and no online footprints. Just a ‘mysterious’ guy now serving as the chairman of Akothee Foundation,” Muli tweeted.

Miguna chimed in, saying Akothee should have drafted a will before their nuptials so as to safeguard her wealth.

“A bright red flag. I hope she has a prenup and a will,” he opined.

However, Akothee took to Instagram to criticize Miguna for making political comments and demanded to know his net worth before attacking her husband.

“Someone tell Miguna Miguna this is not politics. And he should tell me his networth before he attacks my husband, ‘inclusivity deficiency'” the artist said.

She further asserted that she would have married a billionaire if wealth was her only consideration, but she married Omosh because he possessed all the qualities she desired in a man.

She insisted that if wealth was a question she would have gotten married to a billionaire whom she rejected his proposal thrice.

“Haha my husband is giving men sleepless nights. I can’t marry a nobody if so I would have done this long time ago, I am hot and sexy therefore I attract the likes of Omosh.

“A woman like me is very rare to find. I married My Prince charming. I know his worth. His family and his wealth. He has all the qualities I wanted in a man,” Akothee added.

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