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Linda Oguttu attacks fellow senior journalist in online meltdown on day of high drama 

by Joshua Wanga
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Standard Group KTN’s news anchor Linda Oguttu had many people online thinking that perhaps someone had hacked her Twitter account. This was because of the harsh words that she tossed at her media colleague, and an incredible clap back at a user who questioned her performance as member of the country’s football caretaker committee. It was only after the startled journalist replied in an effort to calm her down that everyone realised things were indeed serious, and it was actually going down.

In a sudden unexpected attack, Linda Oguttu tweeted at veteran journalist David Makali, saying news had just reached her that he was insinuating she is running for a certain political office. In an unmistakably enraged tone, she blamed such conduct from Makali on demonic forces, saying an exorcism of sorts should be performed, after which he should donate himself for office, instead of donating others. Her tweet read,
Lindah Oguttu
Oya, @davidmakali1 I hear you want to donate me for sm political post. Enda kanisani uombewe hiyo pepo itoke fyam! Then after that, donate yourself. Thank you snr.

Most people expressed shock and dismay at the tone of the tweet from Linda who is not exactly known for being combative. A reconciliatory Makali took back his words and offered an apology in a swift reply. He wrote,
David Makali
@davidmakali1 Replying to @lindahoguttu. you have said you are not expendable. I have withdrawn with profuse apologies

Even before this brief stunning to and fro had settled, a user by the name Raphael Kiplimo tossed himself in what had quickly degenerated into a murky swamp. Raphael told Linda that she would feel right at home if she went into politics since she had gained experience in mismanagement after the mess she has caused in the Football Kenya Federation caretaker committee. His tweet read,
raphael kiplimo
Replying to @lindahoguttu and @davidmakali1 You can easily fit to political arena since you can draw experience from the football mess you have caused

A feisty Linda wasted no time in replying, clapping back with a brief reply that read,
Lindah Oguttu

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