Revealed: Secret that keeps Pastor Nganga’s followers loyal

Pastor James Ng'ang'a

Controversial Pastor Nganga has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. He’s been making headlines in the recent weeks after videos surfaced online of some of his controversial sermons.

The several viral videos doing round have painted the preacher in a bad light. However, Pastor Nganga has maintained that the narrative is being perpetuated by his rivals.

“Those clips were sent out by people who were once my workers and are now in rival churches,” he was quoted by The Star.

The Neno Evangelist church preacher explained that despite the questionable sermons, his congregants know him and are fond of his teachings, which is the reason they are loyal to his church.

“My followers know me and that is why they still come to my church. I have so many followers, including women, and I would not humiliate any of them.

A church service at Neno Evangelism Centre. Pastor Ng’ang’a has in the recent weeks made headlines for the wrong reasons.

“We cannot be similar, kwani sisi ni meno? (we are not teeth). My people love me and they keep wondering what is wrong with haters because they were in the sermons and did not have any problem,” he conveyed.

He was defending himself after the videos went viral, one of him threatening his male followers and another of him shaming a female congregant.

Nganga was shaming the female congregant for wearing rubber shoes in his church. Ng’ang’a went further on and asked why she carried her belongings in a re-usable bag, instead of a handbag.

“How can you carry such a bag? Are you a witch doctor? Who bought you this dress you are wearing? Why are you putting on rubbers, where are your shoes?” Ng’ang’a posed to the woman.

Despite all these controversial videos, Pastor Nganga’s church still full to the brim with his folks.

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