Pastor Ng’ang’a Blames Jealous Rivals For Negative Coverage

Pastor James Ng'ang'a

It’s common knowledge not to bite the hand that feeds you, but for Pastor Ng’ang’a who fondly refers to himself as the commander, faithfuls mean nothing to him hence why he takes his time to demean and dehumanize their mere existence.

In a recent episode, Ng’ang’a took to the pulpit to threaten his male flock saying that if they mess with him, he will render their unmentionables inactive using unexplained powers. As always, the controversy behind the coded threat had him attract trouble from his male congregants and hit number 1 in the trending charts.

When reached out for a comment by a famous radio station, Ng’ang’a said that the demeaning clip was cut from his sermon which was talking about men. Further he admonished the forces sharing funny clips saying he’s a man of God who is doing what God called him to do.

Ng’ang’a who was surprised that people were sidelining his miraculous doing said that he is not looking for cheap publicity as he is rich and old enough for childish stunts.

Passing a stern warning to persons tarnishing his name, Ng’ang’a made it clear that his humble followers liked his way of preaching hence why they have stuck around despite the negative publicity.

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    Written by Belindar Momanyi

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