Papa Dennis- Jesus also partied! There’s nothing wrong with singing secular music.

“Gospel musician” Papa Dennis and rapper Petra have released a new  song  called “ Party” and just like other Willy Paul`s songs,  it has no gospel feel to it.

The duo have defended their song citing they see nothing wrong with singing about parties considering even pastors occasionally have a good time.

` As long as si ya tabia mbaya, iko tu sawa, there’s nothing wrong with it. Even in the bible, Jesus partied. He turned water into wine`.

Recently, a lot of Kenyan Gospel artists have had to justify their reasons for coming up with secular lyrics and none of the reasons any has given are worthwhile.

The gospel industry in Kenya is taking a different turn and artists are slowly embracing the secular side but where do they draw the line? Gone are the days when the charts would be filled with Christina Shusho`s uplifting music , not forgetting the likes of Mercy Masika , Gloria Muliro etc.

This new generation of artistry is very popular with young adults.  Artists like Willy Paul have us confused with his music. Is he singing gospel or secular music?  With this trend slowly growing on other artists, looks like the industry is being polluted with ungodly lyrics slowly. Might as well just switch to the other side altogether.


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    Written by Belindar Momanyi

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