‘Ng’o! I’m Not Going Anywhere’ Ng’ang’a Rubbishes Suicide Rumors

Pastor Ng'ang'a

They say there’s no part of a man’s life that’s more guarded than his wife. True to this, Controversial city pastor, Ng’ang’a, has come out to prove that his wife means the world to him while dispelling rumors claiming that he’s a suicidal person.

Ng’ang’a who was speaking at his city church claimed that life was sweet and nothing was going to make him want to die and leave his beautiful wife to the ‘hyenas’.

”Look at my beautiful wife, sasa nitajinyonga niachie nani. Nina magari na nyumba where my neighbors are white people, why would I die and leave all that?” posed Ng’ang’a to his congregants who broke into a hysterical laughter.

Ng’ang’a was rumored to be suicidal after pulling a series of controversial stunts that looked suspicious in the public eye. In his viral stunts, Ng’anga could be seen beating his congregants in the pretext of casting out evil spirits while in some he ridiculed and demeaned them.

Ng’ang’a who is the founder of Neno evangelism has been swimming in one controversy after the other since 2016 when he was placed at the center of a hit and run that left one Mercy Njeri dead.

The hallmark of his antics however is the latest video of him twerking in church with his backside facing the congregants. I was personally convinced that Ng’ang’a has gone mental but if he says he’s business as usual, who am I to say he’s not.

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    Written by Belindar Momanyi

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