Meet Ghanaian man who has never been sick since birth

A Ghanaian man has stunned many after revealing that he has never been sick in his entire life.

The 69-year-old man also revealed that he has never set his foot in a hospital for any reason.

Speaking during an interview with a local Ghanaian blog, the old man attributed his superb health to God, further saying tha the has been prayerful in his entire life.

The old man also stated that he is a prophet and he leads a church where members hardly fall sick.

“As a prophet, your job is not to declare people witches or prophesy about evil things but to show your people how to live life fruitfully and overcome all sorts of diseases”, he said.

On wearing face masks, the prophet said that he only wears because the President said so, maintaining that it does not protect him from anything.

He also mentioned that he wears it to set a good example for young people who look up to him.

“This nose mask cannot protect me. How can it protect me? It is God who protects me. I only wear it occasionally because the president says we should, and I want to set a good example for young people who look up to me,” he added.

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    Written by James Mulanda




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