I slaughtered Ivy Wangeci because of Heartbreak after investing Money and Emotions in her, attacker speaks out

The deceased Ivy Wangeci./COURTESY

Naphtali Kinuthia Njahi the 28 year old who hacked Ivy Wangeci to death before slitting her throat open says he was heartbroken plus the victim despised and ignored her,driving him to execute her in such an outrageous,inhumane manner.

In his testimony to the Eldoret DCI boss Ali Kingi, the 28 year old claimed that he had spent a lot of money and invested his emotions on Ivy Wangeci  which were not reciprocated like he had expected.

”The accused said he used to send the woman some money.The girl,according to the suspect,had told him that she was organizing  her birthday party which would happen soon.He said he sent her some money for her birthday and since then,the victim refused to pick his calls.This is what prompted him to travel all the way from Thika to Eldoret,to find out why she was ignoring him,” said Eldoret DCI boss Ali Kingi.

When Kinuthia arrived in Eldoret on Monday,he again called the victim but response was the same,she continued to ignore his calls.She would go further to totally block Kinuthia and his calls would not go through,something which,according him,made him angry and led him to buying an axe and the machete to slaughter the girl.

”We are still waiting for him to give more details after he is discharged from the hospital,” Mr Kingi said.

That wasn’t the first time for Naphtali going to Eldoret to see Ms Wangeci and that he would visit her often in the past.

”He said he visited her last Friday and their meeting was brief.The girl told him that he was going to her residential place to take off her professional attire and told him to wait for her,that he would be back.Upon reaching her residential place,Ivy switched off her phone and blocking their meeting,” revealed Eldoret DCI boss.

The man  said this provoked him and made him return to Eldoret on Monday to speak with the woman.This is when he felt despised by the woman,leading him to murder her.

”Upon return to Eldoret yesterday,the man said he felt despised by the woman when she constantly ignored him.From our sources,the axe and the knife were bought and sharpened in Eldoret,” said Mr Kingi.

It now emerges that Wangeci’s family knew the man and that he had been their family friend for a long time.


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