Homosexuality and Sodomy at Mtongwe Military Base Gets Out of Hand, 12 Boys Have Become Victims in Four Months

Mtongwe Naval base(for Navy officers) in Mombasa is a hub of homosexuality if the numerous incidents and counts are anything to go buy.

Last year, a former Kenya Navy soldier went to court for unlawful sacking after he refused sexual advances from a senior male officer.

Julius Kithi claimed the senior officer, who is still in service at the base, pressured him many times but he declined, leading to his dismissal on what Kithi now says were false allegations against him.

In the court papers, Kithi says the senior officer made homosexual demands verbally and through nuances when both were in the military band at the base or when they travelled on official duty.

Details have emerged yet again of alleged sodomy of 12 boys in the  past four months alone.

Some of them were allegedly defiled within the naval compound by a teacher and other people meant to take care of them.

Parents of three of the boys told a local Daily that their children have suffered immense damage.

One suspect admitted he had sodomized the boys several times and the matter was reported at Inuka Police Station.

Likoni police chief Benjamin Rotich said three cases were reported at the station, but only one proceeded to court. The complainant declined to testify against the suspect on three occasions.

One parent said she alerted other parents to find out if it was only her son who behaved in such a manner.

“My son confided in me that he would sit on the suspect who would then sodomize him.”

She explained that she forced herself to the facility to ask questions but the school management wanted to downplay the matter.”

Other parents and I went to the school but others were barred from coming in. I forced myself in where two military officers interrogated the suspect and he admitted he had sodomised the boys several times,” she said.They sex pests allegedly lured children at different times, especially young children who did not know how to say no.

The children were sodomized in the office, in the toilets or in camping sites.The boys age between nine and 11 were removed from class and taken to Inuka Police Station to record statements.

They then visited Mrima Hospital, where the medical report indicated they were indeed sodomized. A parent said some parents have withdrawn from the matter and only three are pursuing the matter in courts.

They claim they have been threatened in the military facility not to pursue the matter.

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