SAD! Conjestina Uses Two Weeks Break From Rehab to Catch Up on Chang’aa in the Village

Could it be that the Substance abuse recovery aficionados do not know how to handle ex boxing titlist Ailing Conjestina Achieng?

That is the horror beguiling the minds of many after word got out that the erstwhile world boxing champion, is momentarily out of the rehab and her life-recovery journey is fast deteriorating.

She is currently at her village in Yala, Siaya County.

Boniface Ndirangu, the executive director at Eden House Rehabilitation Center, where she was admitted late last year, told a local publication that Conje was only allowed a two-week break, and that she’s expected back soon.

“It’s been about two weeks since we allowed her to go home, and I think she should be back any minute. She went home with the sister. And at the time, she was stable.”

When asked about Conje’s recovery status, he said, “The progress was very good until she left. But you know she’s also been with us for long. We keep people for about three months in the first session then we admit them to the next stage, which is basically the reintegration phase where they can work or go to school. By this stage, one has stabilized”, he said, adding that,” However, it is not mandatory. Conje requested to leave, and because this is a reintegration phase, we obliged.”

But when journalist visited Conje at her Umiru village in Yala, what they found was heartbreaking.

When they arrived at around 7am, Conje was already out drinking booze.

Looking lost and confused, she arrived at 9am. She would later turn violent at the mention of her name.

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    Written by Aoko




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