Can You Fund A Plastic Surgery Procedure For Your Significant Other?

While we appreciate the creation of the most high in the image of different body shapes from apple shape to hourglass, trends have a way of making girls give in to ‘certified’ body shapes. In the process of fitting in, ladies tend to do things that hold a potential harm on their health.

With the domestication of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, more and more ladies are buying the body by design idea. In less than 24hours, one can come out of the surgical room rocking a new face, teeth, legs and a well sculptured body shape.

Nonetheless, plastic surgery is only for the moneyed women. Those ones who can’t afford the insanely expensive procedures go for flat tummy tea, pills, suspicious concoctions and creams. The inexpensive options pose potential health threats like potential organ damage.

Last year, a young lass lost her life after an episode of botched breast enlargement surgery went wrong. Another has had to deal with a dual shaped behind after butt implants failed. It can get very bad and considerably good but it tones down to whether you took an expensive or cheap option. What would it be?

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