Atwoli Advises Men To Seek Divine Intervention Before Getting An Extra Wife

Francis Atwoli

The fear of the Lord is the defining force for men and women, and for COTU Secretary General, Francis Atwoli, his fear begins and ends at the feet of the most high. In his recent tune, he decided to share a few tricks with men aligned towards polygamy.

The COTU boss who proudly adorns 2 wives strongly advised men interested in bagging an extra beauty to go down on two knees, pray to God for guidance and forgiveness before taking the step.

According to Atwoli, bringing a second party in an already established family has the ability to cause irreversible chaos. As such, divine intervention was integral.

The trade unionist who maintains that he believes in God, however added that getting another young and vibrant wife was a good idea for men with good social standing.

Tasked to explain his preference, the unionist said that when women bear children, they forget about their husbands and instead deviate their love to the children, sidelining their lovers in the process.

The 69 year old has time and again been put to task to explain his marriage to TV girl, Mary Kilobi. Though his personal affairs are non of the public’s business, Atwoli felt pushed to clear the air saying the TV queen was the help he needed to survive his old age.

Amorous lovers say getting more than one partner is good for the ego, peace of mind and comes in handy as a great backup plan. If a person chooses to be monogamous or polygamous, it’s totally your choice, because if you can, why not?

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    Written by Belindar Momanyi

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