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‘Kuleni Ujeuri ‘- David Ndii to Raila Supporters

by Jectone Oyoo
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Economist David Ndii and Ruto’s close ally has launched a scathing attack at the civil society that supported Raila Odinga in the just concluded general election. According to Ndii, the civil society knew very well that Odinga was the outgoing president’s project but decided to support him.

Here is a link: https://twitter.com/DavidNdii/status/1560519092334903296?s=20&t=lHbPJBbVTY736krdc39_Xg

David Ndii is confident that the civil society team were after their own stomachs but they failed for their stomachs are today very empty. He is clear that moving into the future, the civil society must explain to the country of their issues and why they supported a puppet of the outgoing government.

Ndii is clear, the civil society were misled into supporting Raila Odinga whose sore interest was to protect the wealth of the tycoons and the Kenyatta family. It’s evident Uhuru Kenyatta used vast of government resources trying to market Raila Odinga across the country but they lost at the end.

Ndii is confident that now the deputy president William Ruto won the elections, the civil society are overly confused. He is, however, pretty sure that Ruto’s victory will serve all Kenyans equally irrespective of how they voted in the just concluded general election.

In other news,The United States Institute of Peace (USIP) has called out the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Vice Chairperson, Juliana Cherera, and three other commissioners for what it termed as poor mathematics.

In a report on the just concluded August 9 polls, the institute established by the US Congress in 1984 stated that the error in percentages as claimed by commissioners could not change the results significantly. The report released on Thursday, August 18, made reference to the commissioners’ claims that the percentages of four presidential candidates surpassed the 100 per cent mark by 0.01.

However, the Institute stated that the division within the Commission could have an effect on Kenyan’s perceptions of the Commission and the processes taken in the concluded polls.”The supposed errors the commissioners identify are the result of rounding percentages to two decimal places, rather than three (or more), and, in any case, would not change the outcome.

“Poor mathematics aside, this public display of division in the Commission only fuels doubts about the electoral commission’s competence,” read the report in a part.

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