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Keroche Breweries Heiress Anerlisa Muigai Exposed of Dating Her In-law

by Samantha Ruth
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s Keroche Breweries heiress and Chief Executive Officer of Nero Water Company, Anerlisa Muigai, dating her in-law? This question has recently emerged after Anerlisa shared several Instagram stories on April 7, 2023, featuring photos from her sister-in-law’s black-themed birthday party.

In the posts, Anerlisa expressed admiration for the party’s theme and shared pictures of herself with the birthday girl, @girlprimadonna, both dressed in stunning black outfits.

She also posted photos of herself with her brother and her sister-in-law’s brother, Melvin Ibrahim, whom she referred to as her boyfriend. In one of the photos, Anerlisa captioned it as “family,” seemingly indicating a close relationship between her and her sister-in-law’s brother.

This revelation has raised eyebrows, as Anerlisa was previously married to Tanzanian superstar singer Ben Pol, but their marriage ended in divorce in 2021 after just one year. She had hinted at a new boyfriend on social media, but kept his identity under wraps until recently when she shared photos of him with her sister-in-law’s family.

In a previous Instagram question and answer session, Anerlisa revealed that Melvin won her over because he asked for nothing from her, allowing him to see the real her. She also shared how she fell in love with him all over again, despite already being in a relationship for a while, after he had kind words for a heartbroken stranger.

She quoted Melvin’s wise words about focusing on healing and wishing happiness and blessings to those who have hurt you, and how he has been enlightening her on general life matters since they started dating.

However, dating an in-law is considered taboo in African culture, as once the bride price is paid and the couple ties the knot, they are considered one family.

African culture traditionally prohibits romantic relationships between in-laws. Nevertheless, Anerlisa’s relationship with Melvin seems to challenge these cultural norms.

As we live in changing times, societal norms and cultural traditions evolve, and individuals may choose to challenge or deviate from them. Anerlisa’s relationship with Melvin has sparked discussions about cultural norms and personal choices, with opinions varying on whether their relationship is acceptable or not.

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