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Kenyans Attack Senator Samson Cherargei After Saying Raila Was Born A Loser

by Paul Mbogga
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Nandi County senator Honourable Samson Kiprotich Cherargei has irked a lot of mixed reactions online following his controversial remarks about Raila Odinga losing the August 2022 election

While congratulating his excellency for awarding all attendees of the Jamhuri day fete yesterday at Nyayo stadium free scholarships to study at the university of Arizona, he responded ongoing debate that has lit up the internet on why Raila lost elections. Senator Cherargei has admitted that since Raila was born a loser hence he will always lose election

“Thank you H.E Ruto for ensuring all Kenyans who attended Jamhuri Day celebrations got scholarships from University of Arizona majority being hustlers and youth who shall use tech companies partnership to get more opportunities. ION: Ati why Raila lost? He shall always lose?” says Senator Kiprotich

However Kenyans have attack Senator Cherargei that it’s high time he should behave like an intelligent leader and let Raila be adding that the continuous attack clearly shows that they didn’t win elections

“We are always advised to face success like gentlemen. Perpetually taunting Baba and his constituency for losing is not gentlemanly. If he won, I would not expect him to taunt you either. Baba was a worthy competitor and after elections we all came back to the fold as Kenyans. KWENDA HUKU” Jesse

“They know they didn’t win so the guilt keeps them talking about it” Kenneth

“So what mkuu, will this bring food to your table? Raila losing is not even helping us in any way sir” Kopondi

Kenyans have converged in big numbers to the Nyayo Stadium in anticipation of the Jamhuri Day celebration, which will mostly focus on technology and how Kenya will become a technological hub. According to a promise made by President William Ruto yesterday, Kenyans who attend the event will depart with a 16-unit course that is totally paid for at the University of Arizona in the United States.

Ndindi Nyoro remarked to a Citizen TV reporter that President William Ruto had earlier promised them that they would make national events meaningful to Kenya and not only focus on politics during their conversation while they were walking through the grounds. He continued, saying that until today, he had never observed the occurrence.

Nyoro, a close ally of President Ruto, said that the Jamhuri Day celebration is more focused on giving Kenyan youths with a passion for technology an opportunity to pursue a career and make money from the same, adding that the Head of State’s commitments from his first 100 days in office are still true.

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