Lady Detained In Hospital Over Ksh1.4 Million Bill Freed

A woman detained by Eagle Nursing Home for failing to clear hospital bills was on Monday, September 27, released.

Florence Kagika was released by the hospital after being detained for over a year at the facility. She was detained by the hospital for failing to clear a ksh1.4 million medical bill.

Speaking to the press, Kagika’s husband, Godwin Mahindu said he secured his wife’s release after obtaining orders from the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council (KMPDC).

“I came here looking for help and I was assisted. I have been given a letter,” he said as reported by Kenyans.

Mahindu also revealed that he reached an agreement with the hospital on how he would clear his wife’s bills.

KMPDC CEO Daniel Yumbya also issued a directive to all medical facilities holding patients over medical bills to release them. He urged the facilities to enter into agreements with the patients on how they can clear their bills.

The medical body noted that hospitals detaining patients were contravening the constitution.

Even though Kagika secured her freedom following the order from the KMPDC, a patient at Kenyatta National Hospital, Susan Ogola is yet to be released.

Ogola whose bills have accumulated to over Ksh2 million is yet to get a report from the KNH chief concerning her release.

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    Written by George Okello

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