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‘Haturudushi’ Kenyan Government’s Call for Gun Surrender Fails Miserably in North Rift Valley

by Paul Nyongesa
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The North Rift Valley region of Kenya has been plagued by banditry for several years, with residents in the area living in fear of the armed gangs that roam the region. The government has now announced a security operation to cleanse the area of bandits, but the response to the three-day illegal arms surrender amnesty that preceded the operation has been poor.

On Monday, Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof Kithure Kindiki declared Baringo, Elgeyo Marakwet, West Pokot, and Laikipia counties “dangerous and disturbed” and announced a joint police and military operation to flush out the bandits. A night-to-dawn curfew was also imposed on the region.

The three-day illegal arms surrender amnesty that followed received a lacklustre response, with only three civilians surrendering guns, two in Turkana County and one in Baragoi and Samburu. By Thursday afternoon, no guns had been surrendered in the other four counties. The lack of response has led to fears of a “ruthless operation” that includes the police and the Kenya Defence Forces.

The tension in the region has been palpable, with many residents fleeing their homes. There are fears of human rights violations during the operation, with some residents concerned that they could be subjected to torturous acts. The government has sought to reassure residents, saying that the operation is aimed at restoring security in the region and will be carried out with respect for human rights.

The security operation is long overdue, and residents of the region have been calling for action to be taken to protect them from the bandits. The region is known for its volatile security situation, with the bandits often carrying out raids and attacks on villages and towns.

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