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Former State House spokesperson Kanze Dena in mourning

by Paul Nyongesa
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Former State House spokesperson Kanze Dena Mararo is mourning the loss of her relative, Sophie Kadzo Price, who passed away on February 16, 2023, at the age of 87.

Kanze Dena took to social media to post a tribute to her late relative, calling her “Mama Mkubwa” and celebrating her life well lived.

“Special dedication to you. #RIP Mama Mkubwa #Faretheewell,” said Kanze Dena as she accompanied the tribute with Msanii Music Group’s Nitaingia Lango song.

Kanze Dena added, “Celebrating a life well lived…Peaceful, orderly and beautiful… a true testimonial of your life. Fare the well.”

The funeral service was held in Frere Town, Mombasa City, and was attended by members of the church’s Mother’s Union.

Kanze Dena’s grandmother’s death comes just three years after her father, Harry Kitao Stephens, passed away from a terminal illness. Her father had held the family together for Kanze Dena and her sisters for years after the death of their mother from colon cancer.

“Dad and Mum… Thank you for everything.. . I know you watching over me…. As I watch over my SIBLINGS…I will endeavor to be half the great people you were……shoes toooo big to fill….. You will always be in my heart…ana miss zaid… I love you….. ‘ Naam tuonane mtooni watakatifu kwetu mtoni… Tutakusanyika mtooni kwenye Kiti cha Enzi…. ‘ #RIP#thatseasonagain #itiswell,” said Kanze as she mourned her late father.

Kanze Dena has previously marked her mother’s death anniversary with a heartfelt message, remembering her as a stern yet loving woman who taught her children never to look down on anyone.

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