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Former South C MCA on The Spot for Bullying Nairobi County Staff

by Samantha Ruth
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After failing to retain the South C Ward Member of County Assembly (MCA) seat, Osman Khalif Abdi has resorted to camp at City Hall to make a kill through blackmail of the city’s senior officers.
Osman who is the self-proclaimed liaison officer of the Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has been using that unofficial title to milk money from senior county staff through threats and blackmail.

Osman was notorious for taking money and bribes from members of staff and MCAs for favours during Nairobi Metropolitan Services Major General Mohammed Badi’s administration and now has extended it to Sakaja’s management.

According to reliable investigations, in the failure of a county senior official to part with money to be used as a protection fee, Osman unleashes his team of bloggers to paint him/her negatively.

The senior officers revealed that Osman is charging them between Ksh100, 000-500,000 to be guaranteed their job security.

“Osman usually says that he is Sakaja’s messenger in the scheme where he collects the money on his behalf as an intermediary. He tells us that the loot collected from us is shared between him and the governor,” said one of the officers who sought anonymity.
Osman has now turned his attention to the inspectorate department where he is demanding colossal sums of money for their job security or sacking.

He recently tried to solicit money from top officers at the Inspectorate department who refused to fall prey to his blackmail schemes.

Osman has now hired bloggers to malign the officials hoping to use those stories to engineer their downfalls.

Through his influence, at City Hall, he masterminded the downfall of the Head of procurement Joseph Kimeu and engineered the comeback of Mr. Richard Mogoko.

Osman solicited huge sums of money from those who had applied for CEC’s and Chief Officer’s jobs with the promise of securing their employment with many of them now crying foul after being conned.

The former MCA has tried to influence the current serving MCAs into giving in to his scheme into his schemes but has failed miserably.
Osman is at the center of controversy for trying to grab a plot at Pumwani Maternity Hospital belonging to Nyayo ward an issue which is now under investigation as he tries to seek Sakaja’s protection and favour to own the controversial piece of land.

During his tenure as the South C ward rep, Osman is best remembered for poor representation and self-enrichment instead of articulating the interests of the electorate a factor that led to his being voted out.

It remains a mystery how Osman who campaigned for Sakaja’s rival Polycarp Igathe of Azimio for Nairobi’s gubernatorial seat managed to penetrate into the governor’s inner circle at the expense of those who stood and vigorously campaigned for Sakaja’s election as the Nairobi boss.

MCAs have complained about Osman’s unbecoming character but no action has been taken against him and called on Sakaja’s administration to tame him and declare him a persona non grata within the corridors of City Hall.

The red flag has been raised by senior county officials and MCAs who are now ready and vowed to take Osman head-on by ensuring that he is buried in his political obituary.

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