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Villagers Shocked After Husband Divorces Wife Two Hours After Wedding, Reveal Reasons

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a shocking turn of events, a newlywed couple in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, divorced just hours after their wedding, leaving the village in disbelief.

The incident involved 26-year-old Haniffa Saidi, who has had a tumultuous journey marked by early marriages and challenging relationships.

Haniffa, born into a poor family, was unable to pursue further studies after completing Form Four.

Her first marriage in 2019 ended after two years, following allegations of her husband’s infidelity.


“I fell in love with another man. As women, we always feel the need to look good in public, and this became apparent when I found my new boyfriend was poor and couldn’t take care of me financially. Because of this, I decided to start another relationship and ended up dating two guys at the same time,” Haniffa recalled.

While dating both men, Haniffa became pregnant and couldn’t determine who the father was, leading to a series of poor decisions.

“Since I had no other choice, I decided to tell both men separately that the baby was theirs. However, one of them denied paternity, citing a medical condition that made it unlikely for him to father a child,” she narrated.

This caused her to leave him and try the other man, who also denied being the father.

“I was left confused and desperate, not knowing what to do next,” she painfully recalled. She managed her pregnancy and delivery on her own.

“After I gave birth, I started to raise my child alone. Fortunately, I got a job which helped me regain my confidence and appearance.”

Later, Haniffa met another man with whom she fell deeply in love.

“This man was very wealthy. When we met, we took time to know each other. However, I made a big mistake by not telling him the truth about my past. I told him I was single and he was the first man I had a romantic conversation with, hiding the fact that I had a child,” she continued.

The wealthy man took care of her and her secret child.

“He once asked if we could be intimate, but I told him we should wait until marriage. I didn’t know I was making a big mistake.”

Their love grew quickly, and he later asked her to quit her job, promising to provide for her.

“We developed a lot of love. I would spend time at his house, but he never forced me to sleep with him, assuring me that he would wait until marriage.”

Eventually, they decided to marry and introduced each other to their families. Their wedding was celebrated with family members from both sides.

However, after the wedding, things took a drastic turn.

“We got married, and on our wedding night, we went to a hotel for our honeymoon. After taking a shower, we started unboxing our gifts. I was filled with fear, knowing I had to face the consequences of my lies.”

“I decided to tell him the truth, hoping he would understand and forgive me. I initiated the conversation and confessed everything,” Haniffa painfully recalled.

The man became angry and said she wasn’t the type of woman he wanted to live with.

“Right after that, he left the hotel, telling me everything was over,” Haniffa said. He went ahead and filed for a divorce, leaving her with no choice but to sign the papers and return to her previous life.

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