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University Graduate Turns to Boda Boda Riding Despite Scoring First Class Honors

by Paul Nyongesa
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Kenneth Kibichi, a 30-year-old Kenyan youth, exemplifies the harsh reality of unemployment gripping many graduates in Kenya today.

Despite his impressive academic credentials, including a First Class Honors degree in Actuarial Science from Karatina University, Kibichi has found himself navigating the streets as a boda boda rider to make ends meet.

Kibichi’s journey has been fraught with challenges from an early age. He lost his father to a stroke in 2009, shortly before his mother passed away.

At that time, he had just enrolled at Kemeloi Boys High School after completing his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). Despite these personal tragedies, Kibichi remained determined to excel academically. His hard work paid off when he scored an A-minus in his secondary school exams, securing a spot at Karatina University.


University life, however, brought its own set of struggles. Financial hardships forced Kibichi to take on various side hustles to afford food and rent while continuing his studies.

In 2017, he graduated with high expectations of securing a lucrative job in the formal sector, hoping to support his siblings and uplift their lives. Unfortunately, the job market did not meet his expectations.

“I wished to secure a job to help my siblings, but unfortunately, I have been making several applications in vain,” Kibichi told Bizna.

He has applied to numerous organizations, including KenGen, Kenya Revenue Authority, Kenya Defence Forces, and the National Intelligence Service, but has faced repeated rejections.

The only opportunity he managed to secure was joining the Public Service Commission’s PSIP Internship program in 2019, and working with the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) during the August 9 General Elections.

With no stable job in sight, Kibichi turned to the boda boda business. This decision, though driven by necessity, showcases his resilience and adaptability. Riding a boda boda has provided him with a means to survive and support his family.

Despite the societal stigma often associated with such jobs, Kibichi holds his head high, determined to overcome the odds.

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