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Rosie the ‘trending nanny’ Returns to Kenya, Reveals Why She Will Never Go to Lebanon to Work as a House Help Again

by Paul Nyongesa
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Rosie, the beloved nanny whose heartwarming story touched people worldwide, has made the decision to return to her homeland of Kenya permanently.

Her journey, which began with her role as a dedicated nanny in Lebanon, has captivated many, but now Rosie reveals why she will never return to Lebanon to work as a house help again.

A viral video showed Rosie’s employer’s children crying uncontrollably as she left for a holiday in Kenya. This emotional departure resonated deeply with viewers, leading to Rosie becoming an internet sensation. Despite numerous opportunities that arose from her newfound fame, Rosie chose loyalty over the allure of new prospects, returning to her employer, Mama Catelaya, in Lebanon.

However, the recent news of Rosie’s decision to return to Kenya for good sparked various reactions. While some speculated that her employers no longer needed her services, others believed that Rosie herself made the choice to go back home.


Clearing the air, Rosie’s employer emphasized that it was Rosie who asked to be sent home. “Rosie asked me to send her home, and I directly booked her a ticket. She missed her kids and just went home forever. Don’t judge us, and you can ask her yourself; she is never coming back, so no pressure,” said Maria and Catelaya’s mom.

Rosie’s return was marked by an emotional farewell. Maria, Catelaya’s mom, and her children surprised Rosie with a cake that said, “Thank You, Rosie,” as a gesture of their deep appreciation.

The bond between Rosie and the family was evident as the children cried and hugged her tightly, struggling to say goodbye.

In a heartfelt Instagram video, Rosie’s child expressed gratitude to her mom’s employers for their kindness and generosity.

“Hi Mariya, thanks for letting our mom come back safely. Thank you for the gifts you sent us, and thank you for loving us as a family. I appreciate what you have done for us, and may God bless you very much,” she said.

Reflecting on her experience, Rosie explained her decision.

“I loved my time in Lebanon and will always cherish the memories. However, I missed my children and felt it was time to be with them. Lebanon gave me so much, but Kenya is my home. I need to be with my family now,” she shared.

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