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Preacher Ng’ang’a Questions MP Ali’s Shift in Principles After Entering Politics

by Paul Nyongesa
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Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Centre has criticized Nyali MP Mohamed Ali, popularly known as Jicho Pevu.

The controversial preacher called on Ali to explain his support for the 2024 Finance Bill, which has faced widespread opposition from Kenyans.

In a video of his sermon, Pastor Ng’ang’a harshly criticized the MP, accusing him of changing his ways after entering politics.

The pastor reminisced about Mohamed Ali’s past as a journalist, where he was known for his investigative pieces and strong stance on human rights and good governance.


During his journalism career, Ali earned the nickname Jicho Pevu from his investigative reports, making him very popular among Kenyans.

“Jicho Pevu, now look at yourself. Where has that sharp eye gone now? Why can’t you explain what is happening? You Jicho Pevu, tell us how much money you have been bought with.”

“I have even seen your people saying you voted yes, and you are Jicho Pevu. Jicho Pevu, now look at yourself. You are a liar!” Pastor Ng’ang’a ranted.

Pastor Ng’ang’a told people to try and confront him, claiming that their guards would turn against them.

“If you try me, you will kill yourself. Your guard will shoot you,” Ng’ang’a added.

His remarks come amid public outrage against MPs who supported the controversial 2024 Finance Bill, which many see as inconsiderate of Kenyans’ hardships.

Despite large protests, many MPs passed the bill in all its stages.

It was only after several Kenyans were killed and many others injured that the President, who had initially supported the bill, decided to reject it and refuse to sign it.

Furthermore, the President stated that his decision was due to the strong opposition from Kenyans against the tax proposals.

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