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Mumias Man Goes into Hiding After Being Captured With a Wielding ‘Gun’ During Demos

by Paul Nyongesa
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A man from Mumias has gone into hiding after a video showing him wielding what appeared to be a firearm during demonstrations went viral, sparking widespread concern among Kenyans.

The one-minute clip, shared on the social media platform X, features the man leading a group of youths along a highway, holding anti-Finance Bill placards.

In the footage, the man, dressed in a black shirt and pants with an Arafat scarf, is heard proclaiming, “Mimi siogopi mtu (I don’t fear anyone), I only fear God. Peaceful demonstrations, we are not blocking the road.”

The video has triggered a range of reactions, with many questioning how the man acquired the firearm.


Others have speculated about possible government connections, deepening the mystery surrounding his identity and intentions.

Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai voiced the sentiments of many when he asked, “Who is this? Who armed him?”

Despite the growing alarm, police have sought to downplay the incident. Senior police sources, speaking to the Star, confirmed that an investigation had revealed the firearm was actually a dummy.

However, authorities are actively searching for the man to question him about his actions and motives. “We are looking for him, we want to interrogate him to establish the motive behind his actions,” a senior officer stated.

The man is believed to be from Mumias in Kakamega.

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