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Multi-Million Properties Owned by Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) Founder Allan Kiuna

by Paul Nyongesa
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Bishop Allan Kiuna, the founder of Jubilee Christian Church (JCC), was not only renowned for his spiritual leadership but also for his impressive array of multi-million properties.

As a prominent figure in Kenya’s religious and social circles, Kiuna’s wealth and lifestyle attracted considerable public attention and scrutiny.

His portfolio of properties and assets highlighted his substantial financial success, which he often displayed openly.

Runda Mansion


One of the most notable properties owned by Allan Kiuna is his palatial mansion located in the upscale neighborhood of Runda, Nairobi. This luxurious residence stands as a testament to his affluence and taste for opulence.

The mansion features a tarmacked driveway leading to the front entrance, finished in elegant yellow and cream colors. The front of the house includes a covered area, allowing guests to alight from vehicles protected from the elements.

The mansion boasts a massive swimming pool surrounded by numerous lounge chairs, offering a perfect spot for relaxation and leisure.

The extensive compound is meticulously landscaped with a well-trimmed lawn, decorative shrubs, and flowers, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the property. The grandeur of the Runda mansion has often been a subject of admiration and envy among many.

Private Jet

In 2016, Bishop Kiuna made headlines when he acquired a Cessna Citation X private jet, a symbol of luxury and convenience.

This American-made, long-range, medium-sized business jet aircraft, capable of carrying eight passengers, is estimated to have cost KSh 2.1 billion. The jet enabled Kiuna to travel swiftly and comfortably for his ministerial duties, both locally and internationally.

Luxury Vehicles

The Kiuna family’s penchant for luxury extends to their collection of high-end vehicles. Allan Kiuna owned an impressive array of multi-million shilling fuel guzzlers and motorcycles.

These vehicles, often seen in public, underscored his lavish lifestyle and significant wealth. The collection included top-tier brands known for their performance and exclusivity, further cementing his status as one of Kenya’s wealthiest preachers.

Financial Transparency and Controversies

Despite the visible display of wealth, Allan Kiuna maintained that his lavish lifestyle and expensive acquisitions were funded through legitimate means.

He once revealed that his treatment for multiple myeloma in the United States, which cost KSh 460 million, did not come from his own pockets, suggesting external financial support. Nonetheless, his wealth and lifestyle have been subjects of public speculation and controversy, with many questioning the sources of his immense fortune.

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