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Mother Sends Her Form Four Son to Buy Breakfast Only for the Police to Shoot Him Dead During Anti-Government Protest

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a tragic turn of events, seventeen-year-old Anthony Macharia was shot dead by police during an anti-government protest in Isebania, Migori County, on Tuesday.

Anthony, a Form Four student preparing to return to school, was the son of Miriam Ikwabe.

Miriam recounted her heartbreak to The Eastleigh Voice, explaining how her son had been excited about returning to school and had gone shopping for supplies.

“I was coming from work when I heard the devastating news of my son’s death,” she said. “Anthony was so excited about going back to school and had big dreams for his future.”


The protest, part of a nationwide call for President William Ruto to resign, had caused chaos in the town.

Despite the situation appearing to have calmed down, Miriam believed it was safe to send Anthony to buy breakfast. “The situation had cooled down. I thought it was okay to send him to get some of the things we needed,” she said.

According to Miriam, the police fired indiscriminately while dispersing the demonstrators, causing panic among residents.

“The police were shooting for no reason. They kept shooting even when there was no apparent threat. It was complete madness,” she recounted. Anthony was caught in the crossfire, his body remaining on the ground for 40 minutes as police continued their barrage.

“The police shot at him while he was defending himself. He was killed in a corner. If they shot him in the back, it means it was intentional. If it was in the front, it could have been accidental, but how do you accidentally shoot someone unarmed, especially a child?” Miriam questioned, her grief palpable.

Anthony, described as smart and loving, was a beacon of hope for his family. “We depended on him. I was waiting for him to finish Form Four. He always said he would take care of me. Now that dream is shattered,” Miriam lamented. Anthony had aspirations of becoming a journalist to share stories and truths with the world. “He refused to let go of that dream,” his mother said.

Amidst the chaos and grief, many parties, including local and international human rights organizations, have urged calm and restraint from the police when dealing with peaceful crowds. “We need answers. Why did the police shoot at unarmed civilians? Why was my son, a 17-year-old boy with dreams and a future, killed in such a brutal manner? There must be accountability,” Miriam demanded.

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) reported that 39 individuals died during anti-Finance Bill protests between June 18 and July 1, while 361 individuals nationwide suffered various injuries.

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