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How You Can Invest with Madaraka Homes Limited While Living Abroad

by Samantha
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Investing in real estate while living abroad can be a daunting task, especially when you’re thousands of miles away from your potential investment.

However, Madaraka Homes Limited has streamlined the process, making it easier for Kenyans in the diaspora to invest in land and property back home.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how you can successfully invest with Madaraka Homes Limited while living abroad.

Understanding Madaraka Homes Limited


Madaraka Homes Limited is a reputable real estate company in Kenya known for its integrity, transparency, and customer-centric approach.

They specialize in selling prime plots of land and providing affordable housing solutions.

With a proven track record, Madaraka Homes has become a trusted partner for many Kenyans looking to invest in real estate.

Steps to Invest

1. Research and Identify Your Investment Goals

The first step is to define your investment goals. Are you looking to buy land for future development, land banking, or immediate construction? Madaraka Homes offers various options tailored to different investment needs.

Their customer service team can provide valuable insights into available properties and their potential for growth.

2. Contact Madaraka Homes Limited

Once you’ve identified your goals, reach out to Madaraka Homes Limited. Their dedicated diaspora desk is equipped to handle inquiries from Kenyans abroad, providing all necessary information and addressing any concerns you might have. They can be contacted via email at;sales@madarakahomes.co.ke or phrough a phone call at 0715 579579.

You can also visit the facebook page at; https://web.facebook.com/madarakahomesltd

3. Virtual Tours and Online Transactions

Madaraka Homes understands the challenges of investing from abroad, so they offer virtual tours of their properties.

You can explore potential investments through detailed videos and virtual walkthroughs.

Additionally, they provide secure online payment options, ensuring your transactions are safe and convenient.

4. Documentation and Legal Assistance

Investing in real estate involves a lot of paperwork, which can be overwhelming when done remotely. Madaraka Homes assists with all the necessary documentation and legal processes, ensuring everything is in order.

They work with reputable lawyers to verify the authenticity of titles and deeds, providing peace of mind to investors.

5. Ongoing Support and Updates

After your investment, Madaraka Homes continues to offer support and updates on your property. They provide regular reports on the status of your land or property and can assist with any future development plans you may have.


Investing in real estate in Kenya while living abroad is no longer a complicated process, thanks to Madaraka Homes Limited. With their reliable services, transparent transactions, and dedicated support, you can confidently invest in your future.

Whether you’re looking to buy land, build a home, or simply secure an investment, Madaraka Homes Limited makes it possible and stress-free.




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