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Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi Reveals Thousands of Money He Makes from X Per Month

by Paul Nyongesa
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Kenyan blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has recently shared his impressive earnings from his X account, formerly known as Twitter, revealing a lucrative income stream from the platform.

Covering the period from May 10th to July 5th, Nyakundi showcased earnings that surpassed half a million Kenyan shillings, highlighting the financial potential for content creators on social media.

Nyakundi’s revenue, as displayed in a screenshot seen , breaks down as follows:

  • From May 10 to May 24, he earned $1,243 (Ksh 159,759).
  • Between May 24 and June 7, he made $964 (Ksh 123,874).
  • From June 7 to June 21, his earnings were $1,340 (Ksh 172,190).
  • Finally, from June 21 to July 5, he earned $2,297 (Ksh 295,164).

With a followership of over 900,000 people, Nyakundi attributes his success to being a subscriber of Twitter Blue, which allows him to monetize his posts on the platform now known as X.


The X Ads Revenue Sharing Program has specific requirements for participation:

  • Users must be Twitter Blue subscribers or verified organizations.
  • They need at least 15 million tweet impressions over the past three months.
  • A minimum of 500 followers is required.
  • Users must have a verified Stripe account to receive payouts.
  • Adherence to X’s Ads Revenue Share Terms, including the X Rules and Creator Monetization Standards, is mandatory.

Once these criteria are met, users can sign up for the X Ads Revenue Sharing Program through the Monetization section of the X app. This program enables creators to earn a share of the ad revenue generated from ads displayed in replies to their tweets.

In addition to ad revenue sharing, being a Twitter Blue subscriber offers other exclusive content monetization features. These include the ability to offer exclusive tweets, subscriber-only Spaces, and a subscriber tab for followers. Subscribers can also showcase their membership status with subscriber badges and easily invite new subscribers through subscription links.

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