You Will Die A Beggar, Atwoli Tears into Khalwale over His Association with Ruto

Boni Khalwale. [image: courtesy]

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli is throwing political jabs with his bare knuckles.On the receiving end is Bonny Khalwale and  entire Tanga Tanga brigade.Speaking in Lamu during a fundraiser for the Lamu Women Sacco, Atwoli has sensationally claimed the former Kakamega Senator will die a beggar and will never be the governor of Kakamega County.

”In my own county of Kakamega we have a doctor called Khalwale. His mother brew chang’aa to take him to school,so that he would make a positive change in his community.But today he has turned into something else.Bonny Khalwale will die a beggar. And he will never be the governor of Kakamega,” retorted Atwoli.

Bonny Khalwale is Tanga Tanga’s point man in Kakamega and he is on the Deputy President’s payroll to advance his agenda in Western Kenya.Francis Atwoli has taken issue with politicians Ruto has paid to win their support,saying they do not have merit to lead anywhere in the republic.

On DP Ruto’s candidature,Atwoli has said Ruto will not be on the ballot in 2022 and whoever thinking otherwise should embrace themselves for a rude shock.He has said William Ruo will be cooling his heels in Kamiti  or Shimo La Tewa Prisons after being charged with corruption.

”Jina la William Ruto halitakuwa kwa ballot 2022!Jina hilo litakua kwa register ya Kamiti ama Shimo la Tewa prisons!”

Atwoli is accompanied by Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho,Likoni MP Mishi Mboko among other leaders.

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