Video: Kisumu County Assembly Turned into a Battlefield After the MCAs Unanimously Voted to Kick Out Onyango Oloo as its speaker

Kisumu County Assembly turned into a battlefield after the Members of County Assembly MCAs plea for the Kisumu County Assembly speaker Onyango Oloo to step aside until he is cleared of Lake Basin Mall graft case.

Kisumu County Assembly members chose North Kisumu MCA Elisha Oraro in an acting capacity to replace Onyango Oloo who is one of the people charged with Sh4.1 million fraud at the Lake Basin Mall.

Chaos erupted as the county assembly members voted unanimously voted to see Onyango Oloo Out of Office, blows were the order of the day and even the sergeant-at-arms could not calm the situation down.

Troubleshoot after the Deputy Speaker Roy Samo attempted to adjourn the House when the afternoon session began on how to replace the county assembly speaker who currently facing graft charges.

The heated house members ejected Roy Samo from his seat leading to a fight that left some sergeant-at-arms injured.

The rest of the meeting was then chaired by the Nominated MCA Invioleta Adhiambo.

Two MCAs took over the sergeant-at-arms job. While casting their votes, the MCAs argued that they cannot allow Oloo to continue serving as a speaker until he is cleared of corruption charges.

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    Written by Emily Odeny

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