Thirdway Alliance Introduces New official communication channels after its security compromise.

Thirdway Alliance party has changed its communication channels following a compromised security of their platforms.

This comes at a time when the two warring factions are fighting for the control of the party.

On Wednesday, the party expelled Daniel Miruru, Angela Mwikali, Giovanna Bunnei, and Joan Lagat from their positions as the purge on alleged disgruntled officials goes on.

In a statement issued to the press following the parties NEC meeting held on Thursday, August 5th,2021 and which was confirmed by the party’s Secretary General Fredrick Okango, it was established that the four officials were guilty of gross misconduct, indiscipline, and misdemeanor.

The four officials are part of the faction led by the embattled former party leader Dr. Ekuru Aukot, who has wedged a fight to reclaim the leadership of the party by filling numerous court cases.

“As NEC, we cannot afford to have saboteurs in our midst especially at this moment in time when the party is out to prepare for 2022 general elections,” the party’s top decision-making organ said in a statement.

“This decision to expel the four members was made after extensively attempting to explore the provisions of articles 14 and 25 of the party constitution that provides for the disciplinary measures of party officials and internal dispute resolution mechanism (IDRM). These were several frustrated by the expelled officials,” Added the statement by the NEC.

Thirdway Alliance public Spats have led to confusion as to which communication statements represents the official position of the party, with different factions competing to outdo each other in releasing press statements.

Fredrick Okango, the Party’s secretary General today issued a statement confirming new communication channels that will be used to communicate official party positions on various matters touching the party.

Below are the party statements representing the same.


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