Ruto offered my sister Winnie and I plum Government Jobs, Raila Junior

Raila Odinga’s last born son Raila Junior Odinga has spilled the beans over an attempt by William Ruto to win their support early last year in January 2018.These revelations come after William Ruto’s Citizen TV interview last night which has opened a pandora’s box.

During his interview last night,the DP  made claims that Raila Odinga had approached him four times before the March 9th Handshake,something which he rejected.

Raila Odinga Junior was not only one of the many people these outrageous claims irked but also promised to spill the beans on the advances William Ruto had been making,in a bid to divide the Odinga family.

”The truth is that in January 2018 he tried to entice Winnie Odinga and I with high level government positions,a kind of divide n rule tactic using a very senior Ambassador to put pressure but obviously we told him to F off and talk to the source,” Junior tweeted.

According to Junior,Ruto’s emissary to them was a senior ambassador who  went to entice them with lucrative state jobs but they rejected the offer,telling the ambassador to speak to their father.



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    Written by Albert

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