Ruaraka land scandal takes a new twist as billionaire Francis Mburu puts Matiang’i on the spot, demands 36B pay

After months of silence in the Ruaraka Land scandal, billionaire Francis Mburu, who has been the center of an investigation is back with a dossier and now demands close to 36B shillings from the government. Mr Mburum who has moved to court to demand the outrageous from government says he is being as a scapegoat by powerful government officials, after the Environment and Land Court ruled that the land on which Ruaraka High School and Drive Inn Primary School sit is public land.

The bench further went ahead to state that despite Education CS Fred Matiang’i insisting on due diligence being followed, NLC did not do so. Instead it misled the ministry into undertaking a compulsory acquisition exercise that was unnecessary and led to loss of public funds.

Mburu has since appealed against the decision and it is currently pending at the appellate court. He said in the event the appeal is not successful, the Sh1.5 billion paid out by NLC as compensation be deducted from the Sh36 billion he is currently seeking.

The tycoon wants the court to issue orders compelling the respondents to compensate him a sum of Ksh.23 billion which he says is the market value of the land and Ksh.13 billion for the loss of rental income, plus accrued interest.

He claims the Nairobi City County illegally obtained his property and several persons have already constructed  buildings on the land, with the Nairobi County now enjoying premiums, rents and land rates from his property.

Mburu accuses the Attorney General of failing to protect him in the alleged illegal acquisition of his property.

He claims that he is being used as a scapegoat and cover-up for illegalities and unconstitutional actions of the NCC, NLC and the Attorney General (listed as respondents in the case) and their agents.

“..Whereas the respondents have the accurate records of the suit property, they have actively been publishing untrue and misleading information that affects my integrity,” says Mburu.

The disputed Ruaraka land initially measured 96 acres, Mburu having acquired the same in 1981 from Joreth Limited through an agreement between Joreth and themselves.  The suit property is currently valued at over Sh25 billion and is charged to continental credit finance limited (in liquidation) for the sum of 150 million inclusive of interest.

The tycoon claims that the Nairobi city county (NCC) has since illegally taken over his property and several persons have commenced the process of construction of buildings following what he understands to be allotment of his property.

He says the rich private developers who have been unlawfully allocated portions of his land by the National Land Commission, NCC and Attorney General have erected multi-billion worth of high rise commercial and residential buildings, with the state connecting and supplying them with water, electricity sewerage and other amenities.

He has also accused the state of taking up the task of maintaining the roads in the said estate and providing public lighting on the said streets in a bid to further impede his land.

Mburu said the private developers have been issued letters of allotment by NCC and there is a continued transfer in respect of the said allotments from persons initially granted the letters of allotment to third parties authorized by NCC.

“NCC is actively disposing off and illegally offering the suit property to private developers which greatly prejudices me.  The County has been assuming not only ownership but has also demanded rates and land rents over the property which they have been in occupation from inception,” says Mburu

He argues that despite acknowledging ownership of the property, the county government has been receiving rates, payments on allocation.

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    Written by Albert



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