Revealed; Details Of Ferry Accident Victim’s Last Call To Husband

Mariam Kigenda

Likoni Channel is no doubt a dreadful place after a series of back to back accidents that claim lives year in year out. The channel is notorious for overcrowded ferries and rusty weak ramps.

For John Wambua, husband to the late Mariam Kigenda, the channel is a painful reminder that the two close people to his heart, sank and watched their death helplessly as no one bothered to render a helping hand to rescue them.

According to John Wambua, his wife and daughter, were coming from their family land in Msambweni, Kwale county where they had gone to check on the farm and pick vegetables for the family.

On their return, Mariam reportedly called her husband and let him in on the situation at the ferry. She allegedly complained to her husband about the long queue but later called him to say that they had boarded the ferry and were on their way home.

Wambua would then stay calm knowing his wife will be home soon but after he heard about the disastrous accident at the ferry, he is said to have tried reaching out to his wife but on not picking on the second ring, he reportedly rushed shoe less to Likoni ferry Police station to find out what had happened to his family.

Wambua who set camp at the channel awaiting his family’s retrieval is allegedly dismayed by the slow efforts being made to retrieve them

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    Written by Belindar Momanyi

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