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Revealed: Botched Nairobi terrorist plot

The Inspector General of police Joseph Boinnet has revealed a failed terrorist plot in Nairobi. The attack is linked to terrorists who were last month intercepted in Merti, Isiolo. They had planned on attacking government buildings to free a terror suspect currently facing various charges.

He further added that the terrorists were also targeting a government building. According to Boinnet, the high value suspect they planned to free is Muslim cleric Sheikh Guyo Gorsa. The police boss failed to reveal the other targeted government structure.

Boinnet spoke of the incident for the first time since police seized explosives on the way from Marsabit to Nairobi. He displayed the recovered items which he said would have caused a lot of damage within a 250 meter radius. Some 1,199 bullets, 36 unprimed hand grenades, 18 Improvised Explosive Devices and five AK 47 rifles were recovered from an SUV and four other suspects are in custody from the sting operation earlier on this year.

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Al-Shabaab militia

The Police also recovered several SIM cards and mobile phones, a black flag and other paraphernalia associated with Al-Shabaab militia groups. The recovery took place in a remote area, almost 200 kilometers from Isiolo Town.

One suspect was killed at the site in Merti area while two others were arrested. Two more suspects were arrested in Nairobi. They are all Kenyans. Police raided Delta Hotel on University Way opposite Central police station where the suspects had booked and spent almost a week while planning their attack. The recovery of the arms is milestone in anti-terror operations in the country

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    Written by James Mulanda

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