Raila to Orengo: Enough with English, legal jargon and demagoguery!

ODM Party Leader has for the first time disowned Siaya Senator James Orengo and termed the on going attempt on amending BBI an exercise in futility.

Speaking through his long serving spokesperson Dennis Onyango, Raila appeared to throw his support with MPs Opiyo Wandayi, John Mbadi and Junet Mohamed who have spent the better part of the week opposing any amendments to the BBI Constitutional Amendment Bill 2020.

Onyango said: “The demagogues have had their years, indeed decades, discussing politics in flawless English and legal jargon on the floor and public rallies. It is time for a different path” in what many interpreted as a jibe at Orengo, a veteran of the reform struggle in Kenya.

“Jomo Kenyatta never spoke flawless English. Nobody knows where he stood ideologically. Nobody knew his high school or university faculty. But he ruled Kenya for 15 years”, went on Onyango adding that, “Arap Moi did not approach us in flawless English. He never told us what his ideologies were. He never told us what his high school was or which faculty he was in. He ruled for 24 years.

Onyango appeared to be dismissing Rarieda MP Otiende Amolo who had earlier in the day during a heated parliamentary debate, fired back at Minority Leader whom he said shouldn’t contribute to the debate as he had never been to law school.

“John Mbadi you have not stepped in law school,” Otiende said when Mbadi tried to intervene.

Mbadi had on Wednesday argued that an amendment cannot be unconstitutional especially coming from a popular initiative.

Onyango retorted: “Mwai Kibaki never approached us with flawless English. He never even spoke of his university years. He was known as a coward. He did his ten years. Uhuru Kenyatta never approached us in flawless English. He has never shared with us his ideologies or university faculty or university years. He is approaching his tenth years.”

“There is a pattern to all this.
Enough with English, faculty and demagoguery”

Raila seems to be charting a new path as he prepares for a fifth presidential bid and his open dismissal of Orengo whom many thought to be his long term close ally points to Orengo’s fate around Raila being sealed.

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    Written by James Mulanda




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