Mt. Kenya Tanga Tanga Politicians Re-considering Their Affiliation to DP Ruto after Uhuru’s Rebuke

A majority of Mt. Kenya Tanga Tanga politicians are said to be developing cold feet on DP William Ruto and the UDA party after President Kenyatta rebuked the DP over his constant disrespect and criticism of the Jubilee Government while he continues to serve the same government.

President Kenyatta had rebuked his Deputy to resign and this has led Mt Kenya MPs and politicians to allied to Ruto to adopt wait and see as political events unfold and some have been openly saying they will stop accompanying DP President Ruto for now until everything becomes clear.

Despite Ruto’s campaign strategy being reaching out to MCAs across the country by regularly inviting them to Karena nd Sugoi and giving them money, all seems to have been in vain. With the loss that the Tanga Tanga win received in the BBI vote, things could get worse and we may start seeing defections.

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