Keter and Two Businessmen Treasury Bond Forgery Case Full Hearing to Proceed

The Nandi Hill MP Alfred Keter, Arthur Sakwa and Madat Saburali

DCI Chief George Kinoti confirms the completion of their investigations hence gives a go-ahead Ksh 633million Treasury bond forgery case against the Nandi MP Alfred Keter and his two business allies to proceed to a full hearing.

The Nandi Hill MP Keter and his allies are accused of presenting 42 forged Treasury bills summing up to Sh634 million to the banks’ regulator Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) and seeking payment 

The Nandi Hills Member of Parliament Alfred Keter and two businessmen Arthur Sakwa and Mdat Saburali are facing charged over alleged bond forgery.

On Wednesday 4 September, DCI Kinoti alerted the Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku handling the case that they are ready so that the case can proceed but Magistrate Mutuku directed the matter to be mentioned before the trial court on September 12 to schedule the hearing.

The prosecution confirms that the majority expected to testify as witnesses are coming from the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) and Treasury.

The charges the three are facing state that they presented forged Treasury bills valued at Ksh286 million on February 16 last year and making false documents that is a letterhead allegedly from CBK for Treasury bills amounting to Ksh 347 million purporting to have been signed and issued by Maina Warui, the registrar at the CBK’s National Debt office.

The prosecution also alleges the three made similar bills on unknown occasions and places Sh347 million and Sh272 million allegedly drawn at the Barclays Bank of Kenya purporting it to be genuine, valid and issued by the regulator CBK.


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    Written by Emily Odeny

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