Guys, Guys! Natalie Tewa Is Single!

The news of the breakup hit the streets after her Ugandan boyfriend Rnazen took to  Instagram to reveal as to why their relationship is OVER. According to the post, Rnaze was away in Uganda for 4 days only to come back and find his girlfriend in a compromising situation.

Tewa also took to Instagram to share her side of her story. She did reveal in a series of Insta posts what she believes to be the true dynamics of their very public relationship.

The duo who worked together on Tewa’s content amassed quite the following, earning Tewa 30,000 followers on Youtube, and over 65,000 followers on Instagram. Tewa has made claims that Rnaze deleted some of her work from the two social media platforms Instagram and Youtube. Since the incident, Tewa’s YouTube account only has 15 videos. Here is the youtube account

Apparently, Rnaze who is said to be celebrating his 30th birthday today (28.3.2019).

Could this be another just another PR stunt? Let’s wait! before end of business today, we’ll know and we’ll surely let you know!

The question We would pause would be, If you happen to break up with truly yours, Would you let your breakup play out so publicly?

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    Written by Albert

    Muhoozi Kainerugaba,the highly protected Museveni’s son and Heir Apparent to Father’s Throne who studied in Nyeri.

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